Mr. Nerv

A ghost if you ask me. A poltergeist if you ask me with money. Sometimes the Stalkers rattle about him, trading horror stories, but they believe anything. That's why they're here. - Marcus the Money Lender


Character Commlink information saved

P First made contact w/ Orklork and DeLarge following a violent exchange w/ the ARES police force. Nerv arranged safe passage through Pigtown and enlisted The Followers of the Void to aid the Runners w/ their mission to find the missing Mitsuhama agent. Nerv continued to be in contact w/ the Runners via commlink, even in areas where commlink traffic proved impossible. Nerv’s messages grew more cryptic, but oddly specific to the Runner’s current situation.

P Seems to have a large resource pull to draw upon. Motives unknown.

Mr. Nerv

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